Teachers pay and the death of the negotiation process.

Teachers pay and the death of the negotiation process

  1. Teachers have faced real term pay cuts over a period of years.
  2. The State’s Employment Board (SEB) imposed a pay freeze for 2015 and 1% uplift for 2016 (below RPI) without a genuine consultation process.
  3. The SEB have met with the joint unions council to discuss pay only once. Following this, the only contact has been with representatives who have no power to negotiate any changes to that given to them by the SEB.
  4. The “offer” was imposed after head teachers accepted. NUT Jersey rejected the offer and were ignored.
  5. The pay imposition also includes the imposition of “cooperation with workforce modernisation”. This was followed by a unilateral decision to cut NQT pay but the SEB and states members. This reflects the lack of genuine discussion in this process.
  6. Teachers pay scales have been negotiated over many years. The SEB approach shows total disregard for this process and teaching as a profession. There has been no discussion on how the cut to NQT pay would impinge upon current agreed pay scales. 
  7. The SEB also imposed pay uplifts of unconsolidated 1% in 2013 and 2012. This 1% was lost after each year as it was unconsolidated. 
  8. Our calculations, based on information from the State’s website, indicate that over ten years teachers’ pay has fallen behind the Average Earnings Index by 8.45%. Similarly teachers’ pay has lagged behind the Retail Prices Index by 9.05%. This is a conservative estimate.
  9. There is another 2% shortfall to be added for 2015 and 2016. This shows the continual erosion of teachers pay in real terms.
  10. 2015 was a zero imposed pay increase. RPI was around 1% and is currently at 1.5%. Therefore, two more real term pay cuts.

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