The Effect of the MTFP on Education

Effect of the Medium Term Financial Plan on Education

  1. MTFP creates a deficit for education of £2.8 million pounds by 2019
  2. The “Growth” in the MTFP for education includes £4.9 million for demographic changes. I.e. increasing class sizes. Education scrutiny and NUT Jersey challenge the idea that demographic increase is growth. It is spending to provide the same service to more children rather than improving provision.
  3. There are £7.7 million of savings to be made in the MTFP.
  4. Total savings plus demographic costs mean there is an overall cut of £2.8 million to education by 2019.
  5. Jersey commits just 2.5% of GDP to education. The same as the Democratic Republic of Congo. UK commits 5.5%, France 6% and the Marshall islands (with a population of 72.000) commits 15%
  6. Continued cuts to funding will have significant long term effects for students and the future of Jersey.
  7. There are no specific details of exactly what these particular savings will look like. This seems to be a case of ‘salami slicing’, a crude form of savings which can have significant negative impacts and is therefore unlikely to either achieve the aims of the Minister and will not be sustainable.
  8. There will be greater reliance on school parent groups to assist with funding of basic items and repairs.
  9. We question whether cuts to states assisted schools will provide the savings suggested if increases in fees move students to the state’s sector with the accompanying funding required for this move.
  10. Overall, the funding of education is not enough to provide for the modern service Jersey needs to be successful.

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